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What Causes Dry Mouth – How Can It be Treated? Your Dentist Weighs in

June 12, 2018

Filed under: general dentistry — drwest @ 6:46 pm

dry mouth highlighted red woman rubbingHave you ever had extreme dryness in your mouth that made it hard to speak or carry out other natural functions? If so, then your mouth was vulnerable to increased bacteria growth. That’s because the harmful invaders love a very dry environment and flourish in it, but why? Your dentist weighs in to provide the answers you need to enjoy improved oral health.


What’s This White Spot on My Tongue? Your Summerlin Dentist Weighs in

May 22, 2018

Filed under: general dentistry — drwest @ 9:31 pm

young child tongue white spotsIt’s a normal spring morning and as you arise to start your day, you notice white spots on your tongue. Unsure why they’re there, you need answers. Thankfully, your Summerlin dentist is weighing in to discuss some of the possible reasons for the spots and what preventive measures can be taken.


Cracked Tooth – Now What?! Ask an Emergency Dentist in Summerlin

April 13, 2018

Filed under: general dentistry — drwest @ 4:56 pm

Illustration of a cracked toothThere you are, it’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re enjoying a delicious lunch with your spouse. All of a sudden, as you take a bite of your sandwich… crack! At first, you’re not sure what just happened. But you do know that there’s a small piece of something that wasn’t there before and you can suddenly notice a sharp edge with your tongue. Now what?

As alarming as it can be to have a cracked tooth, you’ll be glad to know that there are multiple treatment options that can restore your smile to its original function and appearance. But in the meantime, read more to find out what you should do when you crack a tooth and how it can be treated.


Your Dentist in Summerlin Explains The Benefits of Gum Contouring

February 1, 2018

Filed under: general dentistry — drwest @ 5:33 pm

A person smilingFamily traits are often a mixture of good and bad for all of us. Along with the color of your eyes and your quirky sense of humor, you may have also inherited a few things that you aren’t as happy about! If a “gummy” smile is one of those things, there’s a simple procedure called gum reshaping and contouring that can give you what your DNA didn’t: a smile you love. You may have assumed that nothing could be done about the size and shape of your gums, but thanks to modern dentistry the solution is easier than you might think! If you’d like to know more, keep reading as your dentist in Summerlin talks about who can benefit from this procedure and what you can expect.


Learn How to Reduce Cavity Risks with Your Summerlin Dentist

January 1, 2018

Filed under: general dentistry — drwest @ 5:23 pm

ugly cavity monster leaving toothIf we were to identify how major dental procedures like tooth extractions, implants and root canals began, in many cases, we could trace them back to a group of intrusive little monsters that started the whole domino effect – bacteria. These insidious characters are always present, but grow when there are leftover food particles on your teeth and gums. They latch on and feed on your leftovers and like gremlins, they grow and grow, leaving acidic trails that bore into your teeth, causing tiny holes, called cavities. That’s why your Summerlin dentist wants you to start with the simple task of defeating them by learning the best habits for optimum oral health.


Improving Tooth Sensitivity with Your Summerlin Dentist

December 5, 2017

Filed under: general dentistry — drwest @ 1:11 pm

woman frowning from drinking cold waterIt’s normal for you to head out on a Saturday morning to catch the Running Rebels of UNLV run up and down the court. But this particular day, you notice that when you take a sip of your favorite game time beverage, an ice cold, cola flavored soda, you notice a quick jolt of temporary discomfort that shoots through your front two teeth. Alarmed, you know it’s time to contact your Summerlin dentist for an examination. Read on to learn what causes sensitive teeth and how to improve this issue.


How Can You Find the Right “Dentist Near Me”? Here’s What to Look For

November 27, 2017

Filed under: general dentistry — drwest @ 5:15 pm

happy at dental appointmentAre you in the market for a new dentist? Maybe you just moved to town, or perhaps it’s been a while since you got a checkup and want to get serious about your oral health again. Whatever the reason for your search for a new dental care provider, we would like you to consider us as a candidate. But don’t come in just because we say so — take a look at these traits that the right “dentist near me,” should have, and then consider how we measure up.


4 Simple Dental Tips for Seniors From Your Dentist

October 1, 2017

Filed under: general dentistry — drwest @ 6:17 pm

laughing older coupleA phrase you’ll often hear seniors say is, “Things just ain’t what they used to be!” For the most part, they’re completely correct, and that’s true even for their smile. Everything about our body changes as we age, including our teeth. With this in mind, there are a few key things older adults can do to make sure their smile stays strong and healthy for the golden years to come, and today, your dentist in Summerlin is going to share the top 4. (more…)

Why You Should Choose a Dentist That offers Same Day Crowns

September 7, 2017

Filed under: general dentistry — drwest @ 10:22 pm

smile dental checkup visit Can you imagine damaging one of your front teeth? It could be from developing decay or even trauma. Would you be embarrassed to laugh and smile as normal? Most patients would be.

Your dentist understands how unsightly a damaged smile can be and the negative effect it directly has on your confidence. That’s why many dentists offer same day crowns with advanced CEREC technology.


4 Reasons It’s Time to Find a Family Dentist in Summerlin

August 31, 2017

Filed under: general dentistry — drwest @ 3:35 pm

family on the couchYou and your family probably don’t look forward to going to the dentist — yet. But that’s just because you haven’t found the perfect dental home! That is, a place where you feel totally comfortable, at ease, and confident on your path to excellent oral health and wellness.


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